Wash Line


Bath-time is very important for newborn babies, as it is a chance for mother and child to bond and converse.
There are many factors that help baby to feel protected and pampered: the temperature of both the water and the bathroom, a soft bath-towel and, obviously, products that respect the child's skin which is still so vulnerable.
Also the hair needs a great deal of care and attention, the skin is very thin and the hair is fragile, so skincare products are needed that do not effect the hydrolipidic balance.

The bambini soul cleansing range is made up of detergents and shampoos that are based on active ingredients such as mallow, calendula and camomile as well as skin protection oils made from olives and almonds with vitamins.
These delicate softening and protective ingredients delicately cleanse without affecting the skin's hydrolipidic balance.